League Standing after games.

MATCH REPORT (7/6/1999) - Wigan Wildcats - (WIN 6 - 3)
A hard fought game from both sides. The first goal of the night for the Raptors, scored by Sean Vintin (assisted Richard Smith) was closely followed by one from the Wildcats. The score by half-time was 4-2 to the Raptors. Final score ended at 6-3. Remainging goals (in order) Lee Falmer (assisted Sean Vintin), Richard Smith, Mike Millspaugh, Sean Vintin, & Richard Storey (assisted Matt Pemberton).

RESULT (23/5/1999) - Rotherham Ravens - (LOSS 2 - 6)

RESULT (9/5/1999) - Wigan Wildcats - (LOSS 4 - 5)

RESULT (11/4/1999) - Norton Cyclones - (LOSS 3 - 6)

RESULT (21/3/1999) - Pinegrove Pythons - (LOSS 1 - 4)

Match Report (7/3/1999) - Graves Flames - (WIN 3 - 1)
Our second game of the season resulted in a win for the Raptors. Nearly five minutes passed before a goal was scored, the first being for the Flames. Very quickly followed by a goal for the Raptors scored by Lee Farmer. Even handed goals, two and three, by Sean Vintin and Simon Law Respectivly. The Raptors did well to absorb the pressure applied by the Flames who came close to scoring on a number of occaisons. A hard fought game which resulted in a well deserved win for the Raptors.

Match Report (21/2/1999) - Rotherham Ravens - (LOSS 1 - 8)
A poor performance by the Raptors ended in an 8-1 defeat. The positional play left a lot to be desired, failing to capitalise on the few chances that the game provided. Sole goal scored by Lee Farmer in the first period. Some arguable penalty calls cost the team dearly, with six of the goals being short handed.
The first time the Raptors met the Ravens was in a friendly, the score was 10-10.

League Standing after games.

Match Report (13/6/1999) - Norton Cyclones - (LOSS 3 - 4)
1 - 1 at full time, 2 - 3 penalty shoot out

Until the last 41 seconds of the second period, this game was drawn at 0-0. This though did not reflect the effort that the Raptors had put in. Play was predominantly around the goal area of the Cyclones with shots on goal for the Raptors out-numbering those of the Cyclones. First Goal of the game in that last minute was from the Cyclones. With only seconds to spare the Raptors pulled netminder Mark Law for an extra man. The tactic payed off as Simon Law planted a shot high in the top right of the net knocking the towel to the floor. Mark returned to the net for the last 12 seconds of the game. With the "NO DRAWS" rule in this league the game ended with a penalty shoot out.
First up, Simon Law, GOAL! Cyclones also scored. Next, Jason Coles, but saved. Cyclones also miss. Buzz Hill took the third, scoring. Cyclones score again. 2 - 2. Sean Vintin Misses, as do Cyclones. Last up Lee (Gareth Southgate) Farmer, pressure was on and sadley misses. Cyclones Score, giving them the game at 3 - 4 overall.

Match Report (16/5/1999) - Team Skate Attack - (LOSS 2 - 3)
An unexpected result for Team Skate Attack (or Leasow Sharks?). Made up of the majority of last years league winners, they came out expecting an easy game but that was not to be. 15 minutes into the game and the score was still 0 -0. First goal was to TSA followed quickly by a chip in by Simon Law. An unlucky struggle in our crease left the score at half time at 2-1 to TSA. Much of the play was in the TSA half and the Raptors shots on goal was ahead of TSA. The next goal was to them and with minutes to spare a slap shot from the half way line by Chris Wood was directed into the back of the net by Jason Coles. In the last 20 seconds the Raptors pulled netminder, Mark Law, for an extra man but the final score ended at 3-2 to TSA.

RESULT (18/4/1999) - Rotherham Mosquitoes - (LOSS 0 - 6)